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Album Reviews - Hold on to Hope

What a voice!

No gimmicks. No electronic voice tricks. Just a strong, pure singing voice. It's honest and moving music. One of the best things I've heard in a long time. It's like she's invited you into her living room, gave you a glass of Merlot and poured her heart out for you. Buy this album. Buy it now. It's the best money you'll spend this year. - Pheelbaby

Stellar singer and songwriter!

Her upbeat lyrics and extensive vocal range is superbly impressive! Definitely worth a listen! "House of the Rising Sun" especially is absolutely amazing! - mrivera12

Great work from a talented artist!

Anyone that has ever heard Stephanie sing knows that she has an incredible voice - beautiful but also engaging. This collection of mostly originals is really worth a listen. She writes songs that will interest music fans of any genre. I love this whole record (but my personal favorite is Caged - that song alone is worth the price of the whole album). - Drew

Amazing album!

Absolutely love "Better Words" beautiful heartfelt song. - KelBeans135

Get it! You won't be disappointed.

Download this! Bluesy at times, more pop at others. Beautiful voice and original songs. So glad I discovered this album. House of the Rising Sun is my far. - LennyLenore

Great stuff!

Stephanie has a great voice and these are great arrangements. "Walk on" is seriously catchy! - Gdv1213